How to use 'down payment registries' to generate new closed purchase loans and nurture agent relationships

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Due to COVID19 and it's impact on weddings this year, we have decided to open up the Lender Partner Platform completely FREE for 6-months, throughout 2020. We want to help as many couples that may have sidelined their wedding and honeymoon plans.

We need your feedback on downpayment.gift. Jump on this webinar to see if this is right for your business.

US Wedding Market Statistics

Approximately 2.5 million annually

$19 Billion spent on wedding registries

Average wedding costs $33k


Loren Winzeler


Forget cold real estate agent calls,

Finally have something unique to say.

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COVID has altered the wedding market in 2020 and beyond.

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Why downpayment.gift?

Build a purchase pipeline.
Invest today's refinance $ to seed your purchase pipeline
Find new Real Estate Agent relationships.
Educate agents on the opportunity and win all their referrals.
Finally take your business somewhere on social media!
Facebook and Instagram are uniquely suited to the wedding market.
Blue Ocean Strategy
Offer something different that is not just another fickle loan program.
Mortgage Guidelines
How FHA and Freddie Mac view wedding down payment gift funds and why guidelines rarely matter in the end.

What we'll cover

Complete platform demo
How to virtually guarantee couples come back to you for the mortgage.
How to market down payment registries online
Forget cold calling real estate agents.
How to run online workshops on down payment registries and the curious reason they are Always interested.
Why giveaways, contests work so well to brides,
and why it's the ultimate social viral ad hack.
Why local Google PPC ads are so cheap,
especially compared to mortgage keywords.
How targeting engaged couples works with Facebook and Instagram Ads,
and how to stay in compliance.
How to build a giant email list using down payment registries and keep then engaged (pun intended)...
..by running online workshops on credit and first time home buyer programs.

Corner the local market for newlywed home purchase and NEVER spend a Saturday or Sunday at the wedding expo. :)